Linking my 2 guilty pleasures of Crochet and Taxidermy – I am totally loving this.  Our casual plans for a half term break in Leicester have become a little firmer on the basis of this discovery!



Have not had much to add here: busybusybusy as always.

Pinching this list from Meet Me At Mikes, I thought this is a concise way of saying where I am today…

Making : Blankets
Cooking : By Him!
Drinking : Ice Cold Pear Cider
Reading: Patti Smith and anything about UFOs
Wanting: A New House
Looking: On the Bright Side.
Playing: The Fool
Wasting: Time
Sewing: quilts
Wishing: The next 2 weeks away (holiday countdown)
Enjoying: My awesome children
Waiting: For the upturn
Liking: Pain Au Chocolat
Wondering: When
Loving: My Family
Hoping: for good weather
Marvelling: At how great and happy the kids are
Needing: A new laptop
Smelling: Summer Rain
Wearing: Clogs
Following: New Doctor Saga
Noticing: All things French
Knowing: Who I Am
Thinking: How life’s OK
Feeling: Tired but productive
Bookmarking: Blogs about crochet
Opening: horizons
Giggling: at rude sounding French words
Feeling: Frustrated by some people but generally OK


So there we are….

‘The Power of We’ – We’re taking part in Blog Action Day 2012

Craftivist Collective

What is Blog Action Day?

Here at the Craftivist Collective we’re very excited to be taking part in Blog Action Day, happening worldwide on Monday 15th October 2012.  It’s a day when bloggers form an international community and come together to coordinate their posts on one unified topic.

This year’s topic is the ‘Power of We’ – a celebration of people working together to make a positive difference in the world.  The theme, which changes annually, was chosen based on a poll of suggestions.  Topics from previous years have focused on issues such as climate change and food.

This year thousands of bloggers, charities and other types of organisation will be discussing what ‘The Power of We’ means to them.  It’s a great chance for us all to share knowledge, passion and inspiration through the magical wonders of the inter-web and blogosphere.

Why we’re taking part


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Troublesome Tuesdays

Today is a bit of a pants one.  I have a cold virus.  To anyone else, that would mean a bit of a sore throat, runny nose, generally feeling sluggish.  For me, because it’s a virus, I am left finding it impossible to keep awake, unable to move from the stiffness and riddled with pain.  I’m encouraged by the ability to type on a laptop – this hints that I’m on the mend and not embarking on a mammoth 5 week flare-up.  The reason being that I have Lupus.  An illness that few people understand, most haven’t even heard of.  Basically, not wishing to dazzle with science, my white blood cells when faced with a viral infection, go a bit bananas and begin to attack the virus and my body in their zest.  Hence why I am so tired. 


Still, warm blanket, hot chocolate, old movie….have an hour before the kids come home….enjoy the peace!


First words are always the hardest.  Not sure what this will be used for.  Perhaps, my daily musings, perhaps my less frequent opinions.  Sometimes a moan.  Occasionally excitement.  Doubtlessly often amusing musings courtesy of my incredibly wise and funny children.  Sometimes I make stuff, sometimes I break stuff and sometimes we have a good time.  Will try to keep in as much stuff as I can remember to add!